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Techno-Guitar-thing Techno-Guitar-thing

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Pretty good

I'm not gonna say I know too much about electronic music as I'm a live kind of guy but I have a few comments. I liked the drum beat. The rhythm was pretty good. It was a little bit weird when the drum fell out because the beat changed in a kind of weird relationship. I wish you would have done more on the electronic stuff and less on the guitar. Good job though.

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RadioactiveRhino responds:

Wow...a ten...NEVER did I think I'd get this!
Thanks a bunch for the review. Near the end of 'writing' this song, I decided it needed melody. I liked the sound of the guitar. You are right though, I shouldn't have added it. Something else would have fit much better.

&amp;lt;#=(Organ Melody)=#&amp;gt; <#=(Organ Melody)=#>

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good job

Pedal notes came in a little fuzzy. Sometimes when you went from open fifths to major triads it didn't really make sense. For example, at the beginning, everything is really old school like buxtehude. However, as the piece progresses you use more and more contemporary chords which almost gives the piece a "pop" feel. Ok I guess but the stuff at the beginning was where it was really good. Maybe try ending the piece on a chord as opposed to the open sounding business. Great effort though.

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Grn-Drgn responds:

I thank you for the rating and for the honesty you showed up in the review. It helps me think of what i should do or not, how to make it sound better ect. Anyways, I thank you for your support, I apreciate it ^^.